You Take Care of People

Dear Yong,

I know we already spoke on the phone, but I just wanted to send you a quick email. We love our new bed, and it's funny because I can't wait to go to bed tonight! I had an excellent sleep last night and didn't wake up until morning. With our old bed I would wake up a few times a night because I was uncomfortable or my arm had fallen asleep. We truly do love our new bed, it's very refreshing.

Also, just as much as the great bed, both my wife and I thought your service was excellent. You had given me your cell phone number so that I could call you if I had any questions or concerns. When the bed came damaged I decided to call your cell phone, after business hours, you answered, and you started taking care of the problem right away. My wife and I really appreciate it.

You do more than sell great sleep systems, you take care of people! That type of customer service is getting harder to find. It seems more businesses are focusing more on making money and forgetting about the customer, when if they focused on the customer, making money would be no problem. You and your staff have done a great job! Thank you again, and if you are ever in Montana let me know for we would love to meet you.

Thank you,

Craig Schroder
Stevensville, Montana