Better Posture

Finally, finally, I am able to wake up in the morning without being bent out of shape. I used to constantly complain to my parents about my horrible bed and they have finally FINALLY gotten me a "Bogi" bed. But this is an even sweeter bed than I slept on in the dorm in Bogenhofen. I am so happy because after several nights of sleeping on my new bed, my back has straightened itself out. I am able for the first time since leaving Bogi, to sleep through the night. My posture has improved and my terrible back aches are gone. My visiting friends who like to pile into bed with me don't want to get out and go home because it is soooo comfortable! All my friends want a bed like mine :).

- S. Gane

Blessings on you!

The Gane Family
Berrien Springs, Michigan