Axel Bloom Pillow

Axel Bloom Pillow

"I have had my pillow now for several months. I did not want to review this pillow too early, just in case. I have suffered from such severe neck problems for a long time, that I almost gave up. I must have owned every pillow ever made, sent them all back. Since we are so very happy with the Austroflex mattresses, I thought the pillow just has to be good as well. So I ordered one. I must admit, that I felt better already after a couple of weeks.
Now the pain is gone completely, even after a bad game of golf. I took it with me on my last trip, and because I was afraid to forget it somewhere, I ordered a second one, just to made sure.
I am so happy with this pillow. Hope this review will help other people as well. Thank you.”

— Erika Muenz Venice, FL


The natural fabric TENCEL® quality pillow covers display the exclusive design and innovative knitting technique that make the appearance and superior characteristics of the pillows stand out. The covers are unquilted to bring out the most of the contoured adjustment.

The cover of the Wunderbar Pillow is specially woven to be cool and easy to wash.  It is made from the eucalyptus tree which thrives in a dry climate.  These properties enhance moisture absorption. When woven into a space-age fabric weave, the cover breathes freely and has superior wicking properties - just like a running shirt.

Additionally, the cover can be unzipped, machine-washed and dried.

The Wunderbar Pillow has a higher versus lower profile to custom fit the space between your neck and shoulder.  Each profile has a softer outer layer of memory foam to fill that space properly and air channels cut into the foam to wick away perspiration and cool the head.  This is complimented with a firmer memory foam core to provide all-night support.




  • Ergonomic and versatile support for side, back, neck and stomach sleepers
  • Luxuriously comfortable, dough-like pillow texture that adapts to any angle/shape of your head & neck
  • Lightweight (2lbs)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Removable, machine-washable cover to eliminate perspiration and dust mites.
  • Air channel design for fabric breathability and superior moisture wicking

Available Sizes

  • King Size (23" x 14" x 3.5"/3.9")