Axel Bloom Beds aim to IMPROVE your SLEEP HEALTH with the most Advanced German Adjustable Bed Technology and Luxurious Quality European Mattresses.

Our flat and adjustable bed bases have sophisticated, patented Suspensions that can be setup individually to change firmness and relieve pressure points for superior support and comfort.

On top of these suspensions, our Luxurious European mattress, with complex air hole structures, provide body contour-fitting back support to alleviate pain and enhance comfort with NATURAL TENCEL® covers for the ultimate luxurious and cool sleep experience.

To complement our Sleep Systems, we offer a range of Handsome and Sleek European Bed Frames in wood and fabric in all sizes, custom - made for you. Visit our Los Angeles showroom or call us at 310 209 1307.

the most advanced german adjustable beds for healthy sleep

  • Our Adjustable beds have unique Suspensions that flex like a luxury car suspension with custom personal firmness settings.

  • NOT EVEN 5 INCHES THICK with motor. With our 7.5 inch thick mattress, the total height of the complete bed system is 12 inches.

  • Place flat on platform bed! The motor is built into the adjustable frame.

  • Ideal for RVs, Boats, Fifth-wheel trailers and Motor homes.

  • Custom, US and European sizes available

Unlike regular adjustable beds that only use flat boards to raise and lower the back and foot sections, our adjustable surfaces have Unique Flexible, Body Contour-fitting Firm and Soft suspensions consisting of multiple Slats and Pods that Rotate and Flex to respect the individual Curves of the body. Similar to luxury car suspensions, this hybrid mesh serves to smooth out the pressure points of the body and align the spinal cord.

compare our adjustable beds

Our adjustable bed systems can be installed in a standalone configuration or into an existing bed frame.

luxurious quality European mattresses

  • Designed and made in Germany and Austria

  • To reduce Stress points where the spinal cord and back are inadequately supported, Air structures are cut into the foam to intelligently fill in the air gaps between the curvaceous body and the mattress

  • Self-ventilating construction with air channels which “Self-ventilate as you move” for All-night Cool Sleep

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Comfort to Firm, Coldfoam (“kaltschaum”) and micro-coilspring models

  • Designed to be Slept on Both Sides; as light as 50 pounds. Simple to flip over.

  • Natural Cover that is washable and dry-able

  • Available in US, European and RV sizes

Our mattress core has a 10-year warranty. The high-quality foam is made in a process that is similar to making soufflé. it requires well-filtered, purified ingredients and manufacturing techniques that allow the foam core to expand uniformly and materials that minimize out-gassing. The proper manufacture and combination of foam structures results in a mattress that provides consistent support for years. 

You can read more about our Mattress Quality here: MATTRESSES

ideal adjustable beds for rvs, boats, motor homes, fifth-wheelers and mercedes sprinter vans

Our flat adjustable beds are uniquely suitable for RVs and Boats since they are ONLY 5 Inches Thick INCLUDING THE MOTOR and can be placed on top of a platform bed. We offer custom sizes. As the photos below show, the two halves of the RV adjustable bed sections are simple to install side by side. The storage area under the bed can continue to be accessed by lifting the platform.

Typical adjustable beds for RVs and Boats are shorter than standard queen or king sizes.  

Typical RV mattress sizes: Short Cal King 72 X 75 inches, short Queen 60 in x 75 in or a short Eastern King size can be 76 x 75 in.  We can provide them as one adjustable size or as two half systems which move independently. We also offer custom sizes for adjustable beds and mattresses.

Our RV Installation document shows the many ways you can install our adjustable systems and continue to use your storage space under the mattress with no changes: CLICK HERE for PDF

 For more Motor home & Trailer information and installation guide click here: LUXURY RV SITE


Visit Axel Bloom's Luxury RV Website for Examples of Customer Installations:

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In our Los Angeles, California showroom, you can try 48 different combinations of adjustable and flat beds and mattresses. Call us and let us describe how your health needs can be matched with our bed systems: WILLKOMMEN!

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Out of State and International Customers

Axel Bloom's showroom is in Los Angeles, California. Many customers purchase by phone and we ship to US and international customers in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Mexico, Colombia, Macau and the Bahamas.

You can see a Google Map of our US customers here: 


Combo Discount - 10% off for mattress when purchased with adjustable bed. 

Senior Discount - 5% off for ages 55+ on adjustable bed/mattress & bed frame. 

Veteran Discount - 5% off on mattress and adjustable bed and bed frame. 

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