Our Slat BED suspensions adjust to follow the natural contour of your body.

This superior adjustability enhances ergonomic alignment.


Slat BED Suspension Collection

Unique Slat BED suspension and mattress combination to align your spine for pressure-free support



Our slat and pod bed suspension systems look like aerospace frames. The support mechanisms look like a lattice frame with wooden slats, rubberized suspension systems and advanced polymer pod designs for optimal body support. Each type of support provides a different flexible experience from the head, to the shoulder, the back and the hip regions. The shoulder and hip regions are cradled with softer suspension elements than the back and head, which require a more stable, firmer support. Each suspension is then matched with the correct mattress to provide a custom sleep system which is tuned for a specific body condition.

There are more than 60 pods in a King bed so you have the ultimate ability to customize your sleep comfort as your body evolves over time.

There are two types of suspensions:

Rotating Pods

  • In the back region the pods can be adjusted to provide three levels of firmness.

Flexible Slats

  • The head, should and leg regions have slats which provide firm support.

Axel Bloom Unique Bed Suspensions

  • People with specific conditions: GERD, acid-reflux, shoulder and back ailments can achieve enhanced sleep comfort by selecting from our wide choice of advanced suspension systems and matching them with our mattress.

  • Our Quatrroflex & Uberflex suspension systems utilize patented pod technology that is unique in offering custom firmness settings.

  • We have the widest choice of European bed slats in all sizes from traditional slats to advanced pod suspensions and electric adjustable bed frames. In our showroom alone, there are 48 possible combinations of bed systems.

  • We have the largest number of German adjustable bed models to suit all types of body types. They range from two to eight electric motor models.

  • Each suspension frame is cut with precision using CAD/CAM machines (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing).