Not Have Imagined the Improvement in Sleeping Comfort!

I purchased a double king size bed about two months ago from Axelbloom Beds & Sofas in Los Angeles, CA.  The owners gave personal care in answering all our questions. Yong Lee, the President of the company even delivered and helped install my new bed and mattresses as promised and on my time schedule.  After the installation, I was told if I had any questions or problems, be sure and call.  Everything has gone very well and with a product that far exceeds my expectations.  

My story started several years ago as the aging process brought new challenges.  I developed health issues such as acid reflux, sinusitis, minor heart disease, leg cramps, tendonitis, and general aches from arthritis.  Much of this was annoying, but I dealt with it by piling pillows at the head of the bed to raise my upper body to gain some relief.  

My wife had tried for years to have me look at an adjustable  bed, but I did not want a hospital bed or similar adjustable bed and I refused to look or purchase.  Finally, she was tired of hearing me choke during the night and the more frequent coughing fits.  I did not sleep much at night and my pain level was increasing.  She and my son finally got me to go and test the units at Axel Bloom.  It was easy to operate and the owners answered all my questions without any sales pressure.  

At home I quietly reflected on my experience and decided to purchase a unit.  I have been sleeping on it almost two months.  I am more than satisfied and actually surprised with the difference it has made with my ailments and sleeping experience.  I would not have imagined the improvement in my sleeping comfort.  The manufacture of the bed frame and componnents are exceptionally well made. Because of my experience with the system, I am strongly thinking of getting another bed for our other property in Northern California.

I highly recommend the concept, the Alex Bloom German sleeping systems unit and mattress combination and Overespecially the company and staff in Westwood.

Dan W. Weggeland                Los Angeles and Palo Cedro, CA                   




I’m a 92 year old World War II Buffalo Soldier.  I bought the Axelbloom bed after I tweaked my back.  After 3 nights my back was fine and I’m now enjoying the best sleep I’ve experienced in decades.


Ivan J. Houston

Los Angeles, CA.

Ivan's book on the Buffalo Battalion is available on Amazon:

Marvel of Engineering

After decades of searching for the perfect bed, we have now found it in the Austroflex. This bed is a marvel of engineering, from its intricately designed base with added focused attention on the neck area, to its mattress, constructed with individual segments with varying degrees of firmness,each of which can be replaced if over time a change in firmness is needed, topped with a removable, silky soft and plush, washable cover. Its frame is not only beautiful, but also constructed with such precision that it allows all the requisite movement of the adjustable bed. Overall, this bed, which is as attractive as it is comfortable, represents at last the answer to our long-sought combination of softness of surface with firmness of support, and provides as a bonus the never imagined features of washability and alterability over time.

It is worth noting that we purchased the Austroflex without ever seeing it in person, or touching it, all through internet and telephone exchanges. From our first phone conversation with Yong Lee, we were won over by his professionalism, his availability, his capacity to listen intelligently, his sincere interest in the most minute of our needs relating to a bed, his ability to provide technical specifics, and also by his wit, his charm, and his humanity.

He is an engineer with a gift for the rich narrative, able to render clear even the most complex information through illustrative stories, reaffirming at every turn his absolute conviction in the quality of the product he sells, and in its durability and adaptability over time to suit the ever changing needs of aging.

It has been an honor to get to know Yong throughout this exchange: we have not only acquired the dream bed, but also developed a human rapport that we will always treasure.

Eleanor Dozier & Zulma Iguina
Newfield, New York

Memory Foam Pillows Disperse Heat Better

We recently purchased an Austrian sleep system composed of 2 twin X-long Silver Star bed bases and DW 400 mattresses from Axel Bloom and are very pleased with it. Both my husband and I found the mattresses and slat bases extremely comfortable from the fist night on.

Our previous standard American king size pillow top mattress developed a ridge down the middle early on which caused me to roll away from the middle as well as causing the arm I most frequently rested to fall asleep regularly. So far I have not experienced any of these problems on our DW 400 mattresses.

Also, by placing 2 twin slat bases next to each other we eliminated any energy transfer resulting in improved sleep. The memory foam pillows we purchased from Axel Bloom are easy on the neck and disperse heat much better than the standard memory foam pillows that I had used before.

Mr. Yong Lee, owner of the company, was very professional and courteous and was a pleasure to work with. He took a personal interest to make sure that we would get just the right sleep components and assisted us with any questions we had.

Will and Regina Thackara
Altadena, CA

Austrian Trade Commission

July 11, 2008

To whom it may concern:

The Austrian Trade Commission in Los Angeles hereby certifies that the Austrian company Optimo Schlafsysteme, exclusively represented in USA by Axel Bloom LLC, is a reputable enterprise, which has been in business for 55 years.

We are well acquainted with the owners of both companies and have hosted an event with them at Axel Bloom to introduce their products. The success of their joint effort in the USA is a good example of bilateral trade between countries. Optimo Schlafsysteme is a leading manufacturer in Austria with an emphasis on technological design and manufacturing expertise.

Austrian products are renowned for superior quality so we are please that Optimo and Axel Bloom have introduced their products to the USA.

Best Regards,

Christian Kuegerl
Austrian Trade Commissioner

Austrian Trade Commission
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Los Angeles, CA 90025
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Austrian Trade Commission
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