Marvel of Engineering

After decades of searching for the perfect bed, we have now found it in the Austroflex. This bed is a marvel of engineering, from its intricately designed base with added focused attention on the neck area, to its mattress, constructed with individual segments with varying degrees of firmness,each of which can be replaced if over time a change in firmness is needed, topped with a removable, silky soft and plush, washable cover. Its frame is not only beautiful, but also constructed with such precision that it allows all the requisite movement of the adjustable bed. Overall, this bed, which is as attractive as it is comfortable, represents at last the answer to our long-sought combination of softness of surface with firmness of support, and provides as a bonus the never imagined features of washability and alterability over time.

It is worth noting that we purchased the Austroflex without ever seeing it in person, or touching it, all through internet and telephone exchanges. From our first phone conversation with Yong Lee, we were won over by his professionalism, his availability, his capacity to listen intelligently, his sincere interest in the most minute of our needs relating to a bed, his ability to provide technical specifics, and also by his wit, his charm, and his humanity.

He is an engineer with a gift for the rich narrative, able to render clear even the most complex information through illustrative stories, reaffirming at every turn his absolute conviction in the quality of the product he sells, and in its durability and adaptability over time to suit the ever changing needs of aging.

It has been an honor to get to know Yong throughout this exchange: we have not only acquired the dream bed, but also developed a human rapport that we will always treasure.

Eleanor Dozier & Zulma Iguina
Newfield, New York

The Perfect Balance of Conforming Softness and Support

Dear Yong:

It is our great pleasure to write a Testimonial for you, your company and the bed we recently purchased.

We are so pleased with our DW800 mattress and frame, it is unlike anything we have ever had. The mattress and frame provide the perfect balance of conforming softness and support.

With significant lower back problem for many years, including two surgeries, finding the right mattress became a necessity. I tried most brand name traditional and several Memory Foam mattresses, but just could not make a decision. After walking into your Westwood Village store and trying the first bed we knew immediately that we had found our answer. The feel of your beds is so unique. Nothing in the general market even compares.

You and Bonnie were incredibly helpful and a real pleasure to work with. You spent quite a bit of time with us, explaining the different mattresses and frames and were thorough in answering our
many questions.

Thank you again for introducing us to this wonderful product.

Kind regards,

Gary & Jo Anne Wasserman
Oak Park, C    

We Love Our Casa Bed!

"I wanted to let you know how thrilled my wife and I are with our Casa bed. The bed is extremely comfortable and has a great contemporary look. In addition, the service we received was excellent, from frame and mattress selection to the prompt resolution of the minor shipping issue we had. We will definitely be referring our friends and family to you. Thank you!"

Cary & Jill Ostrie
San Francisco

Outstanding Bed Selection Process!

The purchase of our mattress and bed from Axelbloom has been nothing short of fantastic on every level. The owners, Bonnie and Yong,provided us with the kind of service and attention to detail that is almost non existent in this day and age. The entire process, from purchase to delivery, was outstanding.

We turned to Axelbloom to improve our sleeping experience after years of purchasing various so-called premium mattresses based upon a
review that we read, possibly in the NY Times. When we entered the modern and stylish showroom in Westwood, we knew that the buying experience was going to be professional, fact-based, and low key. Each of the models was explained to us with plenty of time to think, feel and discuss without pressure or time constraints. We purchased the Berlin Mattress and were thoroughly satisfied after it was delivered and set up by the staff of Axelbloom. We subsequently purchased a bed after
completing a remodel. The bed and mattress reflect exacting European craftsmanship in a classic and sleek design. The mattress has truly provided us with THE BEST sleeping experience.

In fact, we were so happy with the mattress that when it came time to purchase a guest bed for our study we called Yong and Bonnie for a referral, and we so happy to learn they were expanding into that line of products. We have just purchased a custom daybed/couch from them for our guests so they too can truly have a good night sleep.

The entire process was again professional, courteous, and detail oriented from
purchase to installation.

We highly recommend this outstanding company and the principals,
Bonnie and Yong.

Eve and Chris
Los Angeles, CA

German-Approved Recommendation

Seehr geehrter Herr Yong Lee:

Wir wollen Ihnen Mitteilen, das wir mit den beiden Matratzen, Model "Berlin" sehr, sehr zufrieden sind, es schlaeft sich wie auf einer Wolke. Die Qualitaet ist einfach hervorragend "Made in Austria".

Es war meine Frau und auf meine Anregung, im Internet zu suchen wer hat wirklich gute Qualitaets Matratzen und so fanden wir die Firma Axelbloom, European Sleep Technology, in Los Angeles, CA.Wir bestelten die gewuenschten Matratzen bei Herrn Yong Lee nachdem er uns einige Ratschlaege ueber Matratzen gab.

Der versprochene Liefertermin wurde prompt eingehalten.Jedesmal wenn bei uns hier ueber Matratzen gesprochen wird, empfehlen wir die Firma Axelbloom, European Sleep Technology, in Los Angeles, CA.

Mit besten Gruessen und Empfehlungen,

Heinz, Ursula und Isabelle Gross

Heinz, Ursula und Isabelle Gross
Santa Cruz, CA (In German)

ENGLISH Translation:

Dear Yong Lee,

We wanted to let you know how extremely happy we are with both of our new Berlin mattress. It makes us fall asleep as fast and sound as a log. "Made in Austria" - the quality is just outstanding.

It was actually my wife who started to explore the internet, at my suggestion, to look for a good mattress; something of quality. We found the company Axel Bloom, European Sleep Technology, in Los Angeles, California. After we received excellent counseling by Yong Lee (the owner himself) we were absolutely certain that we wanted to order our new mattress with him.

Everything arrived on schedule, as agreed, very prompt, something we greatly appreciated. Since then in every conversation when the word 'mattress' comes up, we always and immediately recommend Axelbloom, European Sleep Technology, Los Angeles, California.

With our warmest regards,
Heinz, Ursula and Isabelle Gross

Heinz, Ursula and Isabelle Gross
Santa Cruz, CA. (In English)


No Compressed and Sagging Mattresses

Dear Yong, Bonnie, and Cara,

Thank you for all your help during my recent bed purchase. I came into the store after neighbors told me they loved the new bed they had bought from you. I was fed up with pillowtop innerspring mattresses that become compressed and saggy after only a few years of use, and was looking for an alternative.

I appreciate the fact that you recommended the less expensive beds and that you all were so helpful about the various options. It is clear that you care about customer happiness and put a priority on the sort of customer service that matters.

Most important, however, is the bed. Although the feel of it is quite a bit firmer than the old pillowtops, it is very comfortable and I am sleeping far more soundly than I have in a long time. Thanks again.

Los Angeles, CA

Adjustable for the Head & Feet

I want to let you know that I am very satisfied with the sleep technology system that I purchased from Axel Bloom. I realized immediate relief from my back and hip problem after only one night of sleep. The fact that the system is adjustable at both ends, head and feet, is important in establishing the superiority of this system. The system separates easily, making cleaning easy and serves to keep the system from being unwieldy. All in all, an outstanding value. I congratulate Axel Bloom for offering the consumer this fine product.

Lise Stern
Los Angeles, CA

Adjustable Bed with Comfort & Design

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD. GERD is defined as chronic symptoms or mucosal damage produced by the abnormal reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus. In my case, I developed GERD due to a hiatal hernia. One of the recommendations from my doctor was to sleep with my upper torso elevated at least 30 degrees. At the beginning I used pillows. I found another pillow on the Internet that I used for a year, but I felt that I never had a good nights sleep.

After constant neck and waist pain, my husband and I decided to look for an adjustable bed. We saw many adjustable beds but none of them offered a comfortable mattress and a beautiful design as well. After doing some research, we found Axel Bloom. Axel Bloom is a European system, with an amazing technology and a superb design.

Two months ago we finally bought our bed. I am able to adjust the mattress to the perfect angle that I need. Also, I don't need to adjust it every night, because I can program it and it is in the memory of the remote control. We are very pleased with our new bed, we feel well rested every morning, I don't have any symptoms of GERD and my aches and pains have disappeared. And the bed looks beautiful in our bedroom.

Pasadena, CA