Austrian Trade Commission

July 11, 2008

To whom it may concern:

The Austrian Trade Commission in Los Angeles hereby certifies that the Austrian company Optimo Schlafsysteme, exclusively represented in USA by Axel Bloom LLC, is a reputable enterprise, which has been in business for 55 years.

We are well acquainted with the owners of both companies and have hosted an event with them at Axel Bloom to introduce their products. The success of their joint effort in the USA is a good example of bilateral trade between countries. Optimo Schlafsysteme is a leading manufacturer in Austria with an emphasis on technological design and manufacturing expertise.

Austrian products are renowned for superior quality so we are please that Optimo and Axel Bloom have introduced their products to the USA.

Best Regards,

Christian Kuegerl
Austrian Trade Commissioner

Austrian Trade Commission
11601 Wilshire Blvd Suite 2420
Los Angeles, CA 90025
T +1-310-477 99 88 | F +1-310-477 16 43

Austrian Trade Commission
Los Angeles"

Perfect Fit & Beautiful Bed

Dear Yong,

We love the bed! It is fantastic. Thanks so much for all your kind help in choosing the bed and helping us put it together. The fit could not be more perfect and the bed looks beautiful. I had placed the back mattress stopper in backwards so it looked really funny but we figured it out before we got your picture. I am glad that David was able to also figure out the problem of two surge protectors in line with each other. I bought another (Better) one and used the old one as an extension cord.

Inga and I would be delighted to be references for you up North (or South)

Perhaps I should open up Axel Bloom North!

Regards to Bonnie and Joyce and have a wonderful Sunday.

Tony & Inga

Tony and Inga Tromba
Santa Cruz, CA.

Best Communication & Quality

Dear Yong and Bonnie,

Finally got my bed assembled! Thank you very much for all the help you have given me. I unpacked everything, except the mattress, last night. This morning, Heath and Zach, unpacked the mattress and assembled the bed. Heath and Zach do maintenance for this building, but the tenants here also hire them to do work for their units. During the assembly process, both of them were very impressed with customer service provided by Yong, the material and the craftsmanship of the bed, and the ease of installation. They recognize real furniture when they see it. They finally commented that the bed must have cost an astronomical sum and had to ask how much I paid for it. When they finished, Heath was impressed with our communication with you using Apple FaceTime and Zach said he had to look up AxelBloom.


Thank you for helping me pick the fabric and the mattress. It is not easy to make this kind of decisions over the phone and the Internet. But so far, I am very happy with what I saw.


Thank you for your support on installation. The guys here were impressed, and I was impressed when you called in the morning to check on progress.


Heaths contact information is :Heath Crabtree, IMSI,(M) 571-283-2606

Zach works for Heath as a contractor. Both of them work in this building every weekday. Feel free to call me if you need me to track Heath down. When I get the bill from him, I will let you know how much he charges me. I have known Heath for 5 years since I moved into this building. I would gladly serve as his professional reference.


Amy Leung
Reston, Virginia

Superior Sleep Experience

After several weeks of sleeping on our new mattress system purchased from Axelbloom, we have experienced a superior sleep experience. We are extremely pleased with our purchase and the vast improvement in the quality of our sleep. No back pain, no restlessness from an inferior mattress. . .just a wonderful experience. I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your professional expertise and that of your staff, who assisted with our purchase during your absence. It was an added treat to have you visit our home to ensure that the quality of care in the installation of our bedding system met your and our standards of professionalism. I would highly endorse your store and the bed systems that you sell.

Milton and Karina Hunter
Altadena, CA

True Believers

We recently purchased a mattress from Axel Bloom. We have always slept on traditional, top-quality, name-brand coil mattresses. Our most recent coil mattress was less than a year old when we noticed a trench like dip on the top of the mattress. This 'dip' put pressure on our lower backs causing lower back pain and restless sleep.

We decided to purchase a foam mattress because we heard that it did not put pressure on your joints, and it gave excellent full-body support. Naturally, I was skeptical, but we bought the system and are absolutely thrilled. We awaken each morning with no lower back pain, feel well-rested and ready to begin the day. We feel that the mattress supports our entire body.

We wish we had discovered this product years earlier. We have not only enjoyed a great mattress and a wonderful sleep, but have received the finest customer care and advice from the staff. We are looking forward to purchasing 3 more mattresses for our teenagers.

Eric and Lorelei Neitzel
Culver City, CA

Great Bed Systems for Weary Travelers

Like many (international) road warriors, we appreciate a good night's sleep more than anything. John Heinritz is recovering from a career with Warner Bros. and has joined Agnes Mura in their global Executive Coaching practice... which still involves a great deal of travel. With Yong Lee s wise counsel, we acquired our first queen-sized Axel Bloom bed a couple of years ago, when Agnes had just lost her mom and was taking all her grief in the back . What a relief that was. I think these beds provide more than comfort. We ooh and aah so many times when we sink into our wonderful Berlin topped haven. It heals the soul.

When either of us has had anything from a twisted limb to surgery, the raising of the bed at both ends has been such a blessing. Agnes speaks about
it to her executive clients when they complain of poor sleep!

Recently, we have decided to leave bustling Santa Monica and Los Angeles after over 20 years of stimulating and intense living - to move to Santa Fe, NM. Anthony Hopkins says one does not move to Santa Fe, one gets promoted to Santa Fe, we found out. As part of this promotion , we visited our Axel Bloom friends again and treated ourselves to a king, composed of two separate twins, topped by one continuous high-quality topper. It went straight on to our moving truck in its original box, and valiant John managed, with Yong s telephonic help, to build it impeccably in our new pueblo-style home. The lovely beams look down on it as it rests on Saltillo tiles and looks out on our bricked patio and the Sangre de Cristo mountains. We expected a little trouble sleeping at an altitude of 7,000 feet, but our bed has cradled us perfectly and spared us the trouble of adjusting to the

Since we now live in the Land of Enchantment, our queen guest bed has already enjoyed a lot of family and friends company. And for us, as hard asit is to leave Santa Fe every time we travel for work, we know what expects
us here is worth the effort!

Thank you, personally, Yong, for your friendship and your patient, detailed
advice and help in every way.

Agnes Mura & John Heinritz
AMI, Santa Fe, NM
AMI, Santa Fe, NM

Agnes Mura and John Heinritz
Santa Fe, NM

German-Approved Recommendation

Seehr geehrter Herr Yong Lee:

Wir wollen Ihnen Mitteilen, das wir mit den beiden Matratzen, Model "Berlin" sehr, sehr zufrieden sind, es schlaeft sich wie auf einer Wolke. Die Qualitaet ist einfach hervorragend "Made in Austria".

Es war meine Frau und auf meine Anregung, im Internet zu suchen wer hat wirklich gute Qualitaets Matratzen und so fanden wir die Firma Axelbloom, European Sleep Technology, in Los Angeles, CA.Wir bestelten die gewuenschten Matratzen bei Herrn Yong Lee nachdem er uns einige Ratschlaege ueber Matratzen gab.

Der versprochene Liefertermin wurde prompt eingehalten.Jedesmal wenn bei uns hier ueber Matratzen gesprochen wird, empfehlen wir die Firma Axelbloom, European Sleep Technology, in Los Angeles, CA.

Mit besten Gruessen und Empfehlungen,

Heinz, Ursula und Isabelle Gross

Heinz, Ursula und Isabelle Gross
Santa Cruz, CA (In German)

ENGLISH Translation:

Dear Yong Lee,

We wanted to let you know how extremely happy we are with both of our new Berlin mattress. It makes us fall asleep as fast and sound as a log. "Made in Austria" - the quality is just outstanding.

It was actually my wife who started to explore the internet, at my suggestion, to look for a good mattress; something of quality. We found the company Axel Bloom, European Sleep Technology, in Los Angeles, California. After we received excellent counseling by Yong Lee (the owner himself) we were absolutely certain that we wanted to order our new mattress with him.

Everything arrived on schedule, as agreed, very prompt, something we greatly appreciated. Since then in every conversation when the word 'mattress' comes up, we always and immediately recommend Axelbloom, European Sleep Technology, Los Angeles, California.

With our warmest regards,
Heinz, Ursula and Isabelle Gross

Heinz, Ursula and Isabelle Gross
Santa Cruz, CA. (In English)