Memory Foam Pillows Disperse Heat Better

We recently purchased an Austrian sleep system composed of 2 twin X-long Silver Star bed bases and DW 400 mattresses from Axel Bloom and are very pleased with it. Both my husband and I found the mattresses and slat bases extremely comfortable from the fist night on.

Our previous standard American king size pillow top mattress developed a ridge down the middle early on which caused me to roll away from the middle as well as causing the arm I most frequently rested to fall asleep regularly. So far I have not experienced any of these problems on our DW 400 mattresses.

Also, by placing 2 twin slat bases next to each other we eliminated any energy transfer resulting in improved sleep. The memory foam pillows we purchased from Axel Bloom are easy on the neck and disperse heat much better than the standard memory foam pillows that I had used before.

Mr. Yong Lee, owner of the company, was very professional and courteous and was a pleasure to work with. He took a personal interest to make sure that we would get just the right sleep components and assisted us with any questions we had.

Will and Regina Thackara
Altadena, CA

Outstanding Bed Selection Process!

The purchase of our mattress and bed from Axelbloom has been nothing short of fantastic on every level. The owners, Bonnie and Yong,provided us with the kind of service and attention to detail that is almost non existent in this day and age. The entire process, from purchase to delivery, was outstanding.

We turned to Axelbloom to improve our sleeping experience after years of purchasing various so-called premium mattresses based upon a
review that we read, possibly in the NY Times. When we entered the modern and stylish showroom in Westwood, we knew that the buying experience was going to be professional, fact-based, and low key. Each of the models was explained to us with plenty of time to think, feel and discuss without pressure or time constraints. We purchased the Berlin Mattress and were thoroughly satisfied after it was delivered and set up by the staff of Axelbloom. We subsequently purchased a bed after
completing a remodel. The bed and mattress reflect exacting European craftsmanship in a classic and sleek design. The mattress has truly provided us with THE BEST sleeping experience.

In fact, we were so happy with the mattress that when it came time to purchase a guest bed for our study we called Yong and Bonnie for a referral, and we so happy to learn they were expanding into that line of products. We have just purchased a custom daybed/couch from them for our guests so they too can truly have a good night sleep.

The entire process was again professional, courteous, and detail oriented from
purchase to installation.

We highly recommend this outstanding company and the principals,
Bonnie and Yong.

Eve and Chris
Los Angeles, CA

Some Do Not Like it Hot

Just wanted to let you know that the new bed is an unqualified success. I've never been able to sleep on a memory foam mattress before because I would get so hot, but with the slats in this bed that's never a problem. I have one of the world's worst backs and am now sleeping better than ever and actually sleeping through the night!

Finally, and most importantly, the dog loves it and no longer wakes me up trying to get into a comfortable position. In fact, the first night we used the bed I actually woke up a couple of times just to make sure he was still alive! Thank you so much for all your help.

Victoria Gilbert
Los Angeles, CA