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The european mattress Core has a Unique Honey-Comb Structure for Back Support and Superior Comfort

  • Our European mattresses consist of a mattress core and a mattress cover.
  • The European mattress core conforms to the body to provide superior ergonomic support from complex honey-comb type structures which are cut into the cores.
  • These honey-comb cells are precision-cut to different sizes to flex differently from the head, to the shoulder (for shoulder sleepers) and back for optimum spinal cord alignment.
  • The cores are made of multi-layers of Kaltschaum (Coldfoam), Latex, or Hybrid compositions (micro-springs and foam structure).
  • Surrounding the cores are additional layers of foam or latex and the thick woven mattress cover which are all designed for Continuous Airflow.
  • A cool sleep, superior breathability and wicking away of moisture are achieved with air channels cut on the top and bottom layers of the mattress core.

A Dynamic Mattress




TENCEL® has a unique fibril structure. Fibrils (extremely small hairs) are the tiniest components which make up the fiber. Submicroscopic channels between the individual fibrils regulate absorption and release of moisture. Thus, these tiny fibrils assure the optimum transportation of moisture.




With TENCEL® the formation of bacteria is reduced. Moisture is immediately transported into the inside of the fiber. Thus, no moisture film, which can sustain bacterial growth, forms on the fiber.

Mattress Covers can be Unzipped and Washed

  • Unlike traditional mattresses, our European mattress covers can be cleaned to keep your sleep environment fresh and clean of perspiration, dust and stains
  • The covers can be unzipped into two parts and washed in a washing machine and air-dried or machine-dried.
  • This also maintains the supple support and longevity of the cover and removes buildup of moisture and mildew within the mattress.

Excellent Durability from the Best Quality Materials and Processes

  • A key process to make the mattress and cushion core is to ensure that the materials used are clean of impurities. Making Foam or Latex cores is similar to making bread. A key ingredient is Purified Water. It has to be purified so the foam and latex micro-cells are strong and not compromised in rebound properties over time. Impure water and other materials will weaken the cell walls of foam or latex resulting in the material collapsing over time and therefore not returning to its original shape and strength. Impure foam cell walls will not retain strength, shape and support properties.
  • We do not use chemical accelerants to hasten the expansion of the mattress cores (like baking bread). Although this slower process costs more, it allows our cores to “cure” properly to enhance long-term durability. Finally, since we do not use accelerants, our foam can be recycled and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Space Age European Mattresses


1. Body Support

  • Axel Bloom mattresses have air channels of different profiles which provide a custom suspension system and wick away perspiration. They keep the core structure aerated for a cool sleep and reduce accumulation of dust particles and dust mites. Surface grooves on the surface of the foam core and the shapes of the air channels support the body curvature for optimal spinal position and shoulder position.
  • The mattresses rest on slat systems which provide firmer, yet flexible support to the body to complement the mattress strucuture. This is contructed from a mulitple wooden slats with rubberized ends and pods for multi-dimensional support as the body shifts during sleep and to adapt to different body types.

2. Cleanliness

  • The cover of the foam mattress core is thick and hyperallergenic; woven from cotton and synthetic material.
  • It is machine-washable and can be machine-dried to remove perspiration and dust mites. Coil spring mattresses cannot be washed which means the mattress retains for years all the body excrements and dust mites.

Axel Bloom gives you a choice of 4 European mattress models that not only provide proper spine support but provides features most consumers do not even consider when deciding on a mattress.        

Making Quality Foam is like Making Soufflé

Why is it that soufflés fail in most home kitchens?

So many people ask, “Why do restaurant souffles expand fully and have a consistency that is both light and solid, which soufflés at home do not have?”

There are several reasons for this:

First, most home kitchens do not have the right utensils to whisk the egg whites to the degree of firmness and resistance necessary. The more the whites are whisked into a snow, or neige, the greater will be the effect.

Second, the egg whites were not mixed properly. Now, however well whisked egg whites are, maladroit mixing destroys all their effects.

“The egg whites: The perfect purity is a pre-requisite. The most experienced professional would never manage to whisk egg whites properly if they had retained the least bit of yolk, or if they had been put into a greasy receptacle.”

Third, the soufflé was not cooked correctly. For a soufflé, the heat of the oven plays a very important part. The soufflé may have been well prepared up to that point, but if the cooking is faulty, all the trouble taken will have no effect. Fourth, the cooking time is not closely controlled. This means that the soufflé is insufficiently cooked in the center, or collapses with the first touch of the cutting spoon, allowing a liquid mass to escape; or that it is overcooked and dried and flat.



Foam consists of thousands of micro air pockets enclosed by cell walls. Making a foam mattress core is similar to making a soufflé.

In a soufflé, when beating egg white to make the meringue, the meringue must be clean and pure without any trace of egg yolk at this stage. If not, when the soufflé is removed from the oven, the presence of minute traces of egg yolk will weaken the cell walls of the soufflé and the soufflé will collapse. Similarly, in a foam mattress, impure water and other impurities will weaken the cell walls. Over time, this will cause the cell wall to lose its original shape and support.

Every ingredient in the manufacture of foam should be as pure as possible. We filter the water since it is the most important ingredient. This prevents impurities from affecting the foam’s ability to rebound and spring back up.

We do not use certain accelerants to hasten the expansion of the mattress cores. Although this slower process costs more, it allows our cores to expand and shape evenly to enhance long term durability.

Finally, since we do not use such accelerants, our foam can be recycled and contribute to a more sustainable environment.