True Believers

We recently purchased a mattress from Axel Bloom. We have always slept on traditional, top-quality, name-brand coil mattresses. Our most recent coil mattress was less than a year old when we noticed a trench like dip on the top of the mattress. This 'dip' put pressure on our lower backs causing lower back pain and restless sleep.

We decided to purchase a foam mattress because we heard that it did not put pressure on your joints, and it gave excellent full-body support. Naturally, I was skeptical, but we bought the system and are absolutely thrilled. We awaken each morning with no lower back pain, feel well-rested and ready to begin the day. We feel that the mattress supports our entire body.

We wish we had discovered this product years earlier. We have not only enjoyed a great mattress and a wonderful sleep, but have received the finest customer care and advice from the staff. We are looking forward to purchasing 3 more mattresses for our teenagers.

Eric and Lorelei Neitzel
Culver City, CA