Not Have Imagined the Improvement in Sleeping Comfort!

I purchased a double king size bed about two months ago from Axelbloom Beds & Sofas in Los Angeles, CA.  The owners gave personal care in answering all our questions. Yong Lee, the President of the company even delivered and helped install my new bed and mattresses as promised and on my time schedule.  After the installation, I was told if I had any questions or problems, be sure and call.  Everything has gone very well and with a product that far exceeds my expectations.  

My story started several years ago as the aging process brought new challenges.  I developed health issues such as acid reflux, sinusitis, minor heart disease, leg cramps, tendonitis, and general aches from arthritis.  Much of this was annoying, but I dealt with it by piling pillows at the head of the bed to raise my upper body to gain some relief.  

My wife had tried for years to have me look at an adjustable  bed, but I did not want a hospital bed or similar adjustable bed and I refused to look or purchase.  Finally, she was tired of hearing me choke during the night and the more frequent coughing fits.  I did not sleep much at night and my pain level was increasing.  She and my son finally got me to go and test the units at Axel Bloom.  It was easy to operate and the owners answered all my questions without any sales pressure.  

At home I quietly reflected on my experience and decided to purchase a unit.  I have been sleeping on it almost two months.  I am more than satisfied and actually surprised with the difference it has made with my ailments and sleeping experience.  I would not have imagined the improvement in my sleeping comfort.  The manufacture of the bed frame and componnents are exceptionally well made. Because of my experience with the system, I am strongly thinking of getting another bed for our other property in Northern California.

I highly recommend the concept, the Alex Bloom German sleeping systems unit and mattress combination and Overespecially the company and staff in Westwood.

Dan W. Weggeland                Los Angeles and Palo Cedro, CA