Size Dimensions MSRP Sale
Twin XL 38" w x 80" l x 3" h $1367 $956
Full 54" w x 75" l x 3" h $1978 $1521
Queen 60" w x 80" l x 3" h $1978 $1521
King 76" w x 80" l x 3" h $2309 $1778
Cal King 72" w x 84" l x 3" h $2309 $1778

The Quattroflex GT is a sophisticated suspension with multiple levels of user configurable firmness levels and comfort locations. Each pod surface adjusts to the body weight and region in two ways.

ACTIVE SUSPENSION PODS FOR SUPERIOR BODY CONTOURING: First, each pod is suspended such that it can tilt and bend to the position of the body in a continuous and smooth angle to provide the least pressure to the spinal cord, back and hip.

INDIVIDUAL FIRMNESS SUSPENSION SETTINGS IN 70 POD POSITIONS: Secondly, by using suspensions with different firmness qualities, there are multiple regions of firmness. At the shoulder region, the white and bronze pod suspensions are the softest for shoulder sleepers. The back and hip regions have firmer grey pods and light grey suspensions.

Finally, each pod suspension can be made over 20 percent firmer by inserting a Red Firmness Adjustment piece inside the pod cavity. The pod suspensions are arrayed in 14 rows of slats. The pods are made from industrial-grade quality plastic and are designed for years of use. Since about 160 pods share the body support, aside from the superior quality of the pod design and material, these pods will not experience undue wear from future use.

The Quattroflex GT can be placed directly on a box spring or platform bed. It provides a flat surface and has no head or foot adjustable mechanism. When the two sections of the Quattroflex are placed together, the center of the Queen or King size is mutually reinforced such that the “center-dipping” problem typical of coil spring mattresses and box springs is not experienced.