Comfortable with the Owners and Our Purchase!

So, for the past 9 months, my husband and I have been sleeping on the first version of the sleep number bed. As time has gone by, the bed required us to adjust the firmness of the bed on a day basis. Over the past few weeks, the firmness we set did not even last through the night. After sleeping on a deflated balloon for about two weeks, we took the suggestion from a very good friend and visited Axel Bloom in Westwood, CA.

I called the store and spoke to Bonnie, who was very warm and told us to just come in and try the beds out. I gave her my name and told her that we would be there later that day. Upon entering, Bonnie welcomed me and my husband by first name. Then Yong came and told us about how they were expecting us all afternoon. My reason for mentioning all this is because, both Yong and Bonnie, really made us feel comfortable and special, not like just another customer.

Yong gave us the tour and explanation about the slat systems and the mattresses. We tried a few out. Yong spend extra time with us adjusting the slats/mattresses to ensure we get the exact comfort level that we needed. We fell in love with it. Words cannot express the comfort level of being on the Axel Bloom beds verse being on any other bed.

Yong and Bonnie worked very hard at putting together an unbeatable deal for us. Of course, the cost seems high at first, but after thinking about what we are paying for - a bed that will mostly last you a lifetime, $$$ saved on medical or chiropractor bills, and restful sleep through the night, it was an easy decision to move forward with the purchase.

In the past, I have spent about $1,000 on a nice bed and box spring that began to sink in 2 years, even turning the mattresses did not really change/affect anything. The Axel Bloom beds will probably last 15+ years - without sinking! As for the experience of sleeping, for the first time in a long time, I was able to sleep through the entire night and wake up the next morning completely rested and refreshed! That itself is priceless!

My husband and I also decided to go ahead and purchase the slat system that is motorized. Since both of us are on our feet all day, we love the feature of being able to elevate our legs (without a ton of pillows) and/or being able to prop up to watch TV/read in bed. No need to by a separate recliner!

We also purchased the pillows. They are awesome! They contour to your head and neck perfectly! A must have!

Delivery was very easy as well. Yong and a few of his workers came and put the bed together in no time. They were prompt, quick and clean!

I would HIGHLY recommend anyone that is in the market to buy a bed to visit Axel Bloom. It will change your life!

Los Angeles, CA