I’m a 92 year old World War II Buffalo Soldier.  I bought the Axelbloom bed after I tweaked my back.  After 3 nights my back was fine and I’m now enjoying the best sleep I’ve experienced in decades.


Ivan J. Houston

Los Angeles, CA.

Ivan's book on the Buffalo Battalion is available on Amazon:

Marvel of Engineering

After decades of searching for the perfect bed, we have now found it in the Austroflex. This bed is a marvel of engineering, from its intricately designed base with added focused attention on the neck area, to its mattress, constructed with individual segments with varying degrees of firmness,each of which can be replaced if over time a change in firmness is needed, topped with a removable, silky soft and plush, washable cover. Its frame is not only beautiful, but also constructed with such precision that it allows all the requisite movement of the adjustable bed. Overall, this bed, which is as attractive as it is comfortable, represents at last the answer to our long-sought combination of softness of surface with firmness of support, and provides as a bonus the never imagined features of washability and alterability over time.

It is worth noting that we purchased the Austroflex without ever seeing it in person, or touching it, all through internet and telephone exchanges. From our first phone conversation with Yong Lee, we were won over by his professionalism, his availability, his capacity to listen intelligently, his sincere interest in the most minute of our needs relating to a bed, his ability to provide technical specifics, and also by his wit, his charm, and his humanity.

He is an engineer with a gift for the rich narrative, able to render clear even the most complex information through illustrative stories, reaffirming at every turn his absolute conviction in the quality of the product he sells, and in its durability and adaptability over time to suit the ever changing needs of aging.

It has been an honor to get to know Yong throughout this exchange: we have not only acquired the dream bed, but also developed a human rapport that we will always treasure.

Eleanor Dozier & Zulma Iguina
Newfield, New York

True German Sleep System

My wife and I bought a Berlin mattress and Silverstar GT suspension about six weeks ago. Not only was the sales process and service first rate, but we absolutely love the product! My wife is from Switzerland and I lived there for a good part of my life. We are therefore both more accustomed to German sleep systems and were never quite comfortable with what was normally available here in the United States. Also, after sleeping on a memory foam mattress for four years, my wife developed very painful backaches. Enter Axel Bloom. The past six weeks have done wonders for my wife's back, and I would never want to do without the luxury of our new mattress. Thank you, Yong and Bonnie, for your excellent advice and a very pleasant shopping experience!

Peter Krausche

Peter Krausche
Edmond, OK

The Perfect Balance of Conforming Softness and Support

Dear Yong:

It is our great pleasure to write a Testimonial for you, your company and the bed we recently purchased.

We are so pleased with our DW800 mattress and frame, it is unlike anything we have ever had. The mattress and frame provide the perfect balance of conforming softness and support.

With significant lower back problem for many years, including two surgeries, finding the right mattress became a necessity. I tried most brand name traditional and several Memory Foam mattresses, but just could not make a decision. After walking into your Westwood Village store and trying the first bed we knew immediately that we had found our answer. The feel of your beds is so unique. Nothing in the general market even compares.

You and Bonnie were incredibly helpful and a real pleasure to work with. You spent quite a bit of time with us, explaining the different mattresses and frames and were thorough in answering our
many questions.

Thank you again for introducing us to this wonderful product.

Kind regards,

Gary & Jo Anne Wasserman
Oak Park, C    

Superior Sleep Experience

After several weeks of sleeping on our new mattress system purchased from Axelbloom, we have experienced a superior sleep experience. We are extremely pleased with our purchase and the vast improvement in the quality of our sleep. No back pain, no restlessness from an inferior mattress. . .just a wonderful experience. I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your professional expertise and that of your staff, who assisted with our purchase during your absence. It was an added treat to have you visit our home to ensure that the quality of care in the installation of our bedding system met your and our standards of professionalism. I would highly endorse your store and the bed systems that you sell.

Milton and Karina Hunter
Altadena, CA