The Best Sleep

Sleep glorious Sleep..I have not had a good night s sleep in years. In fact, I thought I had a-top-of-the-line mattress and box spring. Yet, I would wake up numerous times during the night to either adjust my head or knee pillow to provide me with some kind of comfort and back support.

Well, last night was the first night I slept on my new Axelbloom bed and frankly it was the best sleep I have had in years. The adjustable features of the system enabled me, for the first time, to sleep without a pillow between my knees. I was able to adjust my bed to my best comfort level.

I have told my friends what a big difference it makes to get a good night s sleep. I also encouraged them to skip next year vacation plans and to invest in a good night s sleep which will last longer than a short vacation.

C. Baggetta
Sherman Oaks, CA.