I Am So Happy With This Pillow!

Dear Yong Lee,

I have had my pillow now for several months. I did not want to review this pillow too early, just in case. I have suffered from such severe neck problems for a long time, that I almost gave up. I must have owned every pillow ever made, sent them all back. Since we are so very happy with the Austroflex mattresses, I thought the pillow just has to be good as well. So I ordered one. I must admit, that I felt better already after a couple of weeks.

Now the pain is gone completely, even after a bad game of golf. I took it with me on my last trip, and because I was afraid to forget it somewhere, I ordered a second one, just to made sure.

I am so happy with this pillow. Hope this review will help other people as well. Thank you,

Erika Muenz

Erika Muenz
Venice, FL