Customized Specifically to Our Liking

First off, we are now sleeping on a fully customized Austroflex system. Already having a bad back and other aches and pains, after purchasing the bed, I fractured my back from a bad fall. I was in the middle of doing pull-ups with my arms and legs (Yes!) when suddenly the pull-up bar (spring-tensioned against the sides of the door) gave way. I fell down right on my back! I was in crutches and had a body hugging strait jacket for weeks and underwent intense medical treatment. Having this AXEL BLOOM sleep system has greatly eased my pain and suffering. It far supercedes anything else out there you might be considering.

As for the owners, husband and wife - Yong and Bonnie, they have brought back that neighborhood conscious business mind that not only sustains good business, but turns a boutique establishment into a lifestyle brand. No matter what business this remarkable couple ventures into, it will most certainly be an immense success. It has been an honor to meet such fine people who bring honor and excitement back into the world of commerce. Also, Yong is hands-on with his product. From the initial tour of each system in the showroom, to installing your purchase in your home. These are not your average proprietors, they are fine human beings. I could go on and on about my experience both business and personal with the Lee family, but let me end by saying you won't get a better sleep, and you will feel better just knowing these very special people! SWEET DREAMS and forever Yong! With much love,

Eric Swerdloff aka Mr. e (Part Three)
Beverly Hills, CA