Axel Bloom is a European adjustable bed and mattress specialist. Our bed systems from Germany and Austria include advanced adjustable beds that have sophisticated suspensions for far superior support and comfort. Our European mattresses are eco-friendly with complex structures that enhance cool sleep and provide custom back support to alleviate pain.

In our Los Angeles, California showroom, we offer US, European and RV sizes for our adjustable beds and mattresses. Come visit us in Los Angeles, or take your time to research our beds, frames, and sofas online.

In addition to mattresses, suspensions and bed frames for the home, we make custom adjustable beds for RVs. We also make custom wood and fabric bed frames and sofas.



Combo Discount - 10% off for mattress when purchased with adjustable bed. 

Senior Discount - 5% off for ages 55+ on adjustable bed/mattress & bed frame. 

Veteran Discount - 5% off on mattress and adjustable bed and bed frame. 


Low Profile Adjustable Bed Comparison & Installation

You can compare our 6 adjustable bed systems here: Adjustable Bed Comparison

Our adjustable bed systems can be installed in a standalone configuration or into an existing bed frame. We have unique adjustable beds that are ONLY 5 Inches Thick which can be placed on platform beds because the motors are integrated into the frame.

Here is a link to our Bed Design and Installation document: CLICK HERE for PDF


Low Profile Adjustable Beds for RVs

Our flat adjustable beds are uniquely suitable for RVs since they are ONLY 5 Inches Thick and can be placed on top of a platform bed. We offer custom RV sizes. As the photos below show, the two halves of the RV adjustable bed sections are simple to install side by side. The storage area under the bed can continue to be accessed by lifting the platform.

Typical adjustable beds for RVs are shorter than standard queen or king sizes.  For example, a short queen size can be 60 in x 75 in or a short king size can be 72 in x 75 in.  We also offer other sizes for adjustable beds and RV mattresses.

We have a section dedicated to RV and motor home customers here: LUXURY RV SITE

The most comfortable & Easy-to-clean European Mattress

Axel Bloom European mattress cores consist of different layers of breathable "Kaltschaum"- Cold Foam. The core is covered with a TENCEL®, natural cellulose weave which is comfy and wicks away perspiration. The mattress cover can be unzipped, machine-washed and dried for hygienic sleep. We offer US, European and custom RV sizes.

Making quality foam for a European mattress is like making soufflé. it requires the correct utensils, techniques and materials. The proper manufacture and combination of foam structures results in a mattress that provides consistent support for years. 

You can read more about our Mattress Quality here: MATTRESSES

Out of State and International Customers

Axel Bloom's showroom is in Los Angeles, California. Many customers purchase by phone and we ship to US and international customers in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Mexico, Colombia, Macau and the Bahamas.

You can see a Google Map of our US customers here: 

A Better Sleep Experience

Here are three key areas we consider to help you improve the quality of your sleep:

  1. Personal Health - We take the time to understand your health to guide your selection of our bed systems.
  2. Bed System Configuration - We have more than 40 choices to meet your specific needs. We'll gladly provide information to help you make a truly informed decision. Over time, if your  personal health changes, many of our bed features can adapt to match these changes.
  3. Sleep Habit Advice - Sleep is an essential rejuvenation process. We have gathered quality information and grouped them into topics for you to review:

Customer Service

We do our best to educate and support our customers. You can read their testimonials and reviews here: 

We care about our customers' satisfaction with our sleep products. Here is a sampling our customer testimonials (grouped by subject):



When you’re looking for a luxury bed, consider four fundamental points: comfort, support, flexibility, and design. 


Just because you purchase an adjustable bed doesn’t necessarily mean it adjusts to fit your needs. 

Similar to the honeycomb, the surface of the Quattroflex Suspension System consists of many individual building-blocks, called Pods.

Each honeycomb consists of multiple hexagonal-shaped cells which mutually reinforce each other and provide an open-air environment.

  • The pods are suspended on wooden slats
  • The slats and pods are adjustable for firmness and softness
  • There are more than 140 pods in each king bed
  • Each individual pod flexes dynamically to align the spine
  • The slats rotate to flex with your body while sleeping
  • Queen and King suspensions consist of two half-suspensions
  • Each partner can have their own firmness setting


  • Axel Bloom mattresses make for the most comfortable beds around. Our mattresses have air channels of different profiles which provide a custom suspension system and wick away perspiration. They keep the core structure aerated for a cool sleep and reduce accumulation of dust particles and dust mites. Surface grooves on the surface of the foam core and the shapes of the air channels support the body curvature for optimal spinal position and shoulder position.
  • The mattresses rest on slat systems which provide firmer, yet flexible support to the body to complement the mattress strucuture. This is contructed from a mulitple wooden slats with rubberized ends and pods for multi-dimensional support as the body shifts during sleep and to adapt to different body types.


Foam consists of thousands of micro air pockets enclosed by cell walls. Making a foam mattress core is similar to making a soufflé.

In a soufflé, the meringue must be clean and pure without any trace of egg yolk. If not, when the soufflé is removed from the oven, the presence of minute traces of egg yolk will weaken the cell walls of the soufflé and the soufflé will collapse. Similarly, in a foam mattress, impure water and other impurities will weaken the cell walls. Over time, this will cause the cell wall to lose its original shape and support.

Every ingredient in the manufacture of foam should be as pure as possible. We filter the water since it is the most important ingredient. This prevents impurities from affecting the foam’s ability to rebound and spring back up.

We do not use special accelerants to hasten the expansion of the mattress cores. Although this slower process costs more, it allows our cores to expand and shape evenly to enhance long term durability.


When you purchase an Axel Bloom Bed System, you rest well knowing that your bed has been made using the highest manufacturing standards. Our manufacturer and suppliers have been certifi ed by many of the most respected European quality standards authorities, and have met stringent requirements for environmental safety.

We do not use accelerants in our foam mattresses. Our foam can be recycled thus contributing to a more sustainable environment. 

The materials we use are selected because of their superior performance for sleep. Healthy sleep is achieved through stressless body support and constant airflow for body temperature comfort. In addition, moisture wick-ing materials foster a clean, hygienic environment to minimize odors, and prevent dust mites and bacterial growth.

TENCEL® is an all-natural high-tech silky nano-fiber from natural renewable wood pulp, made using a particularly environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Tencel has an ultra-soft, smooth texture and outstanding moisture management for dry sleep. This skin-friendly, breathable and easy to maintain material has a high strength and is thus especially suitable for mattress and pillow covers. TENCEL® wicks away moisture from the skin and transports it rapidly to the surface to evaporate. It is made by extracting the wood pulp of the Eucalyptus tree which itself has superior anti-bacterial properties. The wood pulp is enhanced with lycocell technology to create a hypoallergenic, breathable and moisture wicking sleep surface. To read more about the unique characteristics of TENCEL®, click here.   


Sleep Never Felt SO GOOD!

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