The Trimotflex MX2 Slat has four motors for a king or queen bed. There are a total of 22 slats and 3 rows of Trimotflex MX2 white and light gray pods. When the two sections of the Trimotflex MX2 suspensions are placed together, the center of the Queen or King size is mutually reinforced such that the “center-dipping” problem typical of coil spring mattresses and box springs is not experienced.

Each system has 4 movable sections. Two sections are to optimize comfort in the head, shoulder, and back. Two sections are to lift the thigh, knee, and foot regions. For each half king or half queen suspension, there are two motors which control the 4 movable sections. One motor starts by adjusting the head lifting position. As the upward motion continues, the same motor adjusts the shoulder and back. The second motor controls the thigh, knee and ankle.

Unique Flexible Slat

  • The head, shoulder and leg regions have slats which provide firm support.

Each Trimotflex MX2 suspension has a Wireless remote controller with Two Memory Settings.