Axel Bloom offers German Naturally Adjustable Beds and European Mattresses. The European Beds consist of flexible honeycomb Suspensions to align the spinal cord and Natural TENCEL® mattress covers. Available in American and European sizes.

We have the widest choice of German electric adjustable bed + sofa technology systems and European beds. Our advanced European Mattresses are designed with sophisticated air-hole structures for superior back and shoulder support and contour optimally with our electric adjustable slat bed bases. Our products provide the most Hygienic and Breathable Sleep Environment: the natural mattress covers are removable, machine washable and dryable. Micro-weave, breathable mattress covers use plush natural fiber from the Eucalyptus tree (Tencel TM) and Cotton.                         



Adjustable Beds

We have FIVE types of Electric Adjustable Bed Systems. ALL our mattresses are designed to be paired with ANY of Axel Bloom's adjustable systems.

All of the systems are suitable for addressing health conditions: GERD, acid reflux, back injury and for enjoying reading, writing and watching TV. The Silverstar, Quattroflex, and Überflex systems can also be dropped on Platform Beds where there is an existing flat wooden base. All the motors are integrated into the sides of the adjustable frame so the adjustable frame can rest directly on the Platform Bed wooden base.

Adjustable Beds


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Axel Bloom gives you a choice of 4 mattress models that not only provide proper spine support but provides features most consumers do not even consider when deciding on a mattress.

Axel Bloom mattresses have air channels of different profiles which provide a custom suspension system and wick away perspiration. They keep the core structure aerated for a cool sleep and reduce accumulation of dust particles and dust mites. Surface grooves on the surface of the foam core and the shapes of the air channels support the body curvature for optimal spinal position and shoulder position.


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Our slat and pod suspension systems look like aerospace frames. The support mechanisms look like a lattice frame with wooden slats, rubberized suspension systems and advanced polymer pod designs for optimal body support. Each type of support provides a different flexible experience from the head, to the shoulder, the back and the hip regions. The shoulder and hip regions are cradled with softer suspension elements than the back and head, which require a more stable, firmer support. Each suspension is then matched with the correct mattress to provide a custom sleep system which is tuned for a specific body condition.

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