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Why Axel Bloom?

"I slept on my new mattress for the first time last night. I woke up this morning w/o any aches and pains and feeling so full of energy! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!!!!!" - David Lopez (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Axel Bloom is a European adjustable bed and mattress specialist. Our bed systems from Germany and Austria include advanced adjustable beds that have sophisticated suspensions for far superior support and comfort. Our European mattresses are eco-friendly with complex structures that enhance cool sleep and provide custom back support to alleviate pain. Call or visit our Los Angeles Showroom for more information.

Improve your quality of sleep with our 3 key difference-makers:

  1. Active Suspension - Our proprietary mattresses and bases work together to flex and support your body to ensure you get a restful sleep throughout your entire sleep cycle.
  2. Support & Temperature - When your mattress gets too hot, your body has to work harder to cool itself which leads to a less restful sleep. Our mattresses consist of different layers of Kaltschaum (Coldfoam) to provide superior support and keep you cool during sleep.
  3. Hygiene & Maintenance - Everyone sweats during the night, even with a temperature-controlled mattress. All of our mattresses efficiently absorb moisture to reduce the formation of bacteria. The natural covers made from TENCEL® are machine washable too!

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Combo Discount - 10% off for mattress when purchased with adjustable bed. 

Senior Discount - 5% off for ages 55+ on adjustable bed/mattress & bed frame. 

Veteran Discount - 5% off on mattress and adjustable bed and bed frame.