Size Dimensions MSRP Sale
Twin XL 38" w x 80" l x 4" h $4812 $3609
Queen 60" w x 80" l x 4" h $7985 $5989
King 76" w x 80" l x 4" h $7985 $5989
Cal King 72" w x 84" l x 4" h $7985 $5989

**PLEASE NOTE: Available in King and Queen sizes as TWO SEPARATE adjustable suspensions so each half suspension functions independently from the other half.  ALSO available so the two half suspensions work in sync as one King or Queen.

Austroflex EL3

Focused on your well-being: The patented solution for ergonomic sleeping comfort.


Discover the unique advantages from Austroflex for true relaxation: The adjustable height of the bed base's parallel HWS head zone (neck and spinal column) and the HWS partition of the mattress ensure completely tension-free sleeping comfort.

Thanks to this patented innovation, the sleep system adjusts in the head and neck area to meet your individual needs and promotes the ergonomically correct alignment of the spine in every lying position.

The bed base and mattress were designed to perfectly complement each other, resulting in a sleep system that meets the highest demands for sleeping comfort. The exceptional quality of the workmanship and the ergonomic details make every Austroflex sleep system the best foundation for anatomically correct positioning of the body during sleep.

The revolutionary manufacturing process used in the production of the elements enables the use of load-responsive material with a stable core and elastic outer casing.

This considerably improves durability over time. The six cushion elements of the waist support zone are equipped with integrated firmness regulators that prevent the spine from curving downward.  Additional firmness regulators can be reordered at any time to further personalize the system to meet individual needs.

The 288 support points guarantee that the bed base sensitively responds across the entire surface of the bed to all movements of the body.

Both the geometry of the disks and the manufacturing process for the new austro/flex cushion elements have been registered for patenting.


When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, Austroflex provides true relief.

The area from the head to the lower neck is a particularly sensitive region of the body. It is especially susceptible to the uncomfortable stiffness and tension caused by stress. The patented HWS head zone (neck and spinal column) system from austro/flex is the only system that allows you to regulate your lying position in the head, neck and shoulder area to such a degree that even the most individual needs are met. This provides the greatest relief to your neck vertebrae and eliminates stiffness and tension.


Rejuvenate yourself from the pressures of everyday life by relaxing on the

ULTIMATE ADJUSTABLE sleep comfort system at night.

As a flexible component of the sleep system, the bed base is responsible for fine tuning sleep comfort and is designed to perfectly adapt to the demands of your body.

Austroflexbed bases gently and flexibly support your body point by point with 72 Tectel cushion elements for a total surface distribution of 288 support points covering the whole area of the bed for a truly custom sleep that only the afx systeme can provide.

The unique patented HWS head zone (neck and spinal column) incorporates parallel adjustment, responding to your body so individually that your head and neck are freed from all tension.

With the three-motor adjustable head, shoulder, back and leg system, you have infinite freedom to make selections that correspond to your individual needs. A remote controller allows you to make smooth, progressive adjustments to raise or lower your head/shoulder, back and leg/foot regions. You may also program three positions so they can be recalled from three memory buttons for reading, watching TV, sleep and admiring the view of the ocean!